All kinds of people seek tutoring: HSC students, mature-aged students re-entering study, international students studying in Australia for the first time, practitioners updating their skills and knowledge and art lovers wanting individual instruction. Students seek support for a wide range of reasons:

  • While you work confidently in the studio, the associated written tasks are more challenging.
  • With English your second language, you’d like support managing your course requirements.
  • You’ve entered visual art from another field and are unfamiliar with its processes, conventions and terms.
  • You’re undertaking a performance, photography or video project but your training is in another medium.
  • You’re bursting with ideas and need help structuring a project framework.

Are you seeking tutoring to establish a framework for an HSC body of work? Now is a great time to meet up – it allows time to explore possible developments without too much pressure. I can help with all aspects of creative studio projects and/or the associated written tasks.

I found Rebecca to not only be extremely knowledgeable, but also understanding and sensitive to my individual needs as a student, and I found her constructive feedback to be immensely helpful. Her insights into contemporary arts research, professional arts practice and the arts industry in general were a great resource to draw upon.

Lyra, Master of Art, UNSW Art & Design; Master of Art Therapy, University of Melbourne


My teaching strengths lie in providing warm support and clear communication to help you identify, articulate, research, develop and realise your creative studio interests. I back up my holistic, intuitive approach with practical problem-solving and setting realistic goals. I hold a PhD in visual art from the University of Sydney, a Master of Fine Arts by research from the University of New South Wales, and have had more than thirty solo and group exhibitions. I currently teach at University of NSW Art & Design. My exhibition practice encompasses photography, video, performance, prints, textiles and installation. Depending on your needs, I can advise on theoretical research, key terms and contexts, digital and analogue photographic materials and techniques, project planning, exhibition-quality printing and exhibition design and installation.

What does it cost?

One to six meetings: $70 per hour $210.00 per block of three
More than six meetings: $65 per hour $195 per block of three
Meetings are pre-paid in blocks of three.Then, we schedule meetings depending on when you need them.
Three once-weekly meetings may be enough to get your project on track, or you might want to book a fortnightly or monthly meeting for a semester.
Alternatively, you might find it helpful to space out meetings over a project’s duration. It’s up to you.


Next steps

For general enquiries, payment information and scheduling meetings, email me:

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